Friday, June 28, 2013


 When I was shopping the other day, 
this earrings packaging  got my attention 
with a nice thick paper, 
the packaging had it all, 
a hole to fit a presentation reck, 
Nice typography with the name of the collection 
and of course the brand name ! 

with this in mind, 
it was time to make some research for my own jewellery.

Size of the logo & texts...

After looking on the internet,
I found that this blister hole is call an
Europeen hole
and found an american company, 'We are memory keepers' that sells 
a paper pusher with this hole
to buy this I discovered a french web-shop 
that sell a lot of crafty fournitures.
of course I cound't resist buying more stuff & tools
that I will show you in future posts. 

So here are my finals packaging:

On the front

On the back, 
I made a hole, allowing us to see  the type closing I used
and the logo tag of course ! 

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