Wednesday, July 10, 2013

envelops design

Last week , on Minieco
I saw these gorgeous  
D.I.Y envelops, 

I had to try for myself
I thought it was great 
and I decided to design my own ones 
perfect for my hollidays memoriees keepers
as you can see I use the paper from a maps book.
I found it at the second hand store
and to complete my design I used a label maker.
I will change the word 'memory' by 'memories'
this is my prototype I'm showing you.

Then finaly the Hema envelops 
( featured in the june 101 woonideen)
came into 'my' hema and give my some more inspiration

I'm thinking now 
 may be I should re-design
 and add some fun to my own envelops... 
May be I keep in mind the pretty cut outs shape from the top 
and design new envelops for christmas
you know for the 'flat presents' :-)

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