Tuesday, June 11, 2013

imported plant

Last summer I asked my mother in law to get me one of the many wild geranium she has in her garden in Bretagne in France. 

The plant came back in holland with me in a little pot, 
It survive though  the winter ( wich in holland is like you see in Game of thrones, last like 5 years ! 
ok ok 8 month .. even my narcissius will tell you  )
It  also survive through the weird moldy bateria that was in the pot
not like 
the fresh cyclamen bought from the garden centrum :-(
( but I'm not surprise... plants from the garden centrum are so confined in their protected, 
well temperate, well feed atmosphere garden centrum. When they get out, they are extremly fragile. 
how many plants died a couple of  weeks after I place them outside in my garden ? )

to prevent this huge waist of money, I'll try to seed my own plants, they grow slowly,
and much more resistant ! :-)

Or in this case I'll get strong plant from 'real' garden 
 from my family in France.

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