Thursday, September 26, 2013

hortus botanicus leiden

 The hortus leiden is the oldest botanical garden and one of the oldest garden in the world... 
I just visited for the first time, here are some pictures for you to enjoy too !

You can celebrate weddings at the hortus,
and for this event some owls were rented  !

owls are moving their head very fast
and I didn't read the chapter for speed settings on my new camera at that time...

 a baby one , 20 cm height !

then we went into the warm glasshouse

unfortunately my camera didn't liked it so much...
I couldn't do any more pictures there
way to much steam!

*** the plants nursery***

Into the nursery, which is open to visitors

Little orchid

they have a lot of tubes hanging on where the plants grown 

Did you also study this plant at school ?
 In the biology class, I had to take some spores from the polypode plant
look at it thought a microscope
and draw the cell on a white page .
 It was a special drawing white page that fits my small ring binder,
the ones you use only in the biology class.
( the other page were all squared )
Of course , I'd loved that , making the drawings and the caption..

***back outside***

Outside in the garden, in the pond
I have the same plant on my balcony,
slightly smaller :-)

***In the vegetable garden***

the artichoke of course,

 yes a chickpea plant.
I had absolutely no idea it looked like that.

***the cactus, fat plants***

 May be this one is the 'guinea pig' for making cactus cuttings
( I try once at home but it didn't work, my cactus piece went try and made no roots)
Did you successfully multiply cactus ?

do you recognize this ?
when your plant stay too long on the same side of a window?

 *** cactus nursery ***

 they like fun pots at the hortus

I love the fat plants,
I bought a tiny version of this one at the flower market

wait for it !

ou la la  this one I like,
with a back flower, it seems unreal but it isn't .

An other funny pot ! 

Before leaving, an orange tree

Visiting the hortus is nice and relaxing,
I would advice to come in spring or summer
then the roserie is in flower...

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