Monday, August 12, 2013

clafouti aux cerises

This year the cherry tree was full of cherries.
I like this cherry tree because I knew it 
for all my life and it brings good chilhood memories 
Now that I'm a growing up who likes cooking, 
I decided to bake a 
clafouti aux cerises
like my mother used to do. 

My father collected some cherries and following 
my mother's cooking book
the same since then of course !

"Les secrets de la bonne cuisine française" /
"The secrets of the good french cookery"

I follow the receipe but found it a bit too milky so here my little modifications

● 150 g of flour with
● 100 g of sugar
add the ● 4 eggs
pour a little bit of the ● 1liter of milk. 
mix well then add the rest of the milk use a little less then one litter if you want it 
less milky. 
● put your cherry (that you have stoned out of their pits, who wants to brake their theets eating something ? )
at the bottom of your dish and pour the mix on it
cook at middel- warm oven for 25 min

 enjoy your  clafouti !


  1. Wat een verassing om je foto in de boom onverwacht te zien. Met de kersen van papa en het recept van mama is het vast een heerlijke clafouti geworden. Goede thuiskomst en veel liefs voor U2!

  2. ja leuk he dit photo ! pas goed met de post over de kerseboom :-)