Thursday, August 15, 2013

Burgers treat

While being in France, I went to a book shop and found this book over burgers. 
I've never heard about it but it is becomming a big thing in Paris, a californian girl, Kristin Frederick, who open a  food truck that makes great burgers ( I assumed because I haven't try it out yet). I've just saw a report on TV about it and it was 1h 1/2 wainting line time to get your golden burger. It doesn't surprise me because eating a quick lunch in Paris for a resonable price and avoiding fast food is very difficult to find.
I predict a lot of food trucks to come in Paris :-) 
You can see her day-to-day locations on her web-site and facebook page .

I love making burgers for years now and it has becomming one of my favorite thing to cook for friends and family. 
I remember a summer while I was working at Belle -ile  ( island in Bretagne in France) while camping at the same time. I made a burger evening meal for the other summer-jobbers that I was at the camping with,
which was like 10 people (that  means 20 burgers on the barbecue, 40 crispy bread parts, onions, meat and cheddar of course). It need organisation and work in line ! and I like that when you assembly all elements together to get a  ( lot of )  great burgers. It gives me great satisfaction when all the burgers are done and everybody is happily eating :-)

Annyway it was the ' the spring burger' that was choosen for a try out at my family burger dinner . 
With marinated artichocks and aspergers, (and a sause and onions an cheese of course, I was really good. here a look of what we made : 

If now you also want to eat burgers, on her site are 2 receipes for you to try : 

Have fun !
PS: a burger is good but fat ( the flavors lies in the fat of the meat) so the tv report advice not to eat it more then twice a week, I don't do it more than once a month, then you really enjoy your buger treat ! ;-)

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