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☞  My name is Patricia thomazo, I'm a jewellery designer living and working in Amsterdam.
            I'm half French from my father side and half Dutch from my mother side. I was born and grew up in France.
I made different studies in France like industrial design which gave me knowledge of the industrials techniques, how ours daily objects are made.
• I also went for the art side of design with some studies at a fine arts school before coming to finish my study in Holland (and learn English). After graduating from the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, I decided to stay to live here in this great city, I love and where I feel like home.

2004.2007: Study Jewellery Design, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, NL
2002.2003: Study Fine Arts option Design, ERBA, Rennes, FR.
1999.2001: Study Industrial  Design, ENSAAMA, Paris, FR.
1996.1999: A-Level (baccalauréat) option Apllied Arts, Lycée Vauban , Brest , FR.

 My jewelleries are colourful, nature inspired (sometimes I'll go abstract to let only the colours speaks.) I love making jewellery in small series. My favourite’s techniques are industrial like the screen-printing and the laser cutting machine which of course push me to the mini series making.

 I hope you'll like my love for the natural world turn into my bright pop colours, enjoy my dazzling 'one of a kind' jewellery world ! 

Find back my works on my shop under my label name  Pop-a-porter.com
or for my art / unique pieces on my web-site 
and for following me on 'daily basis' with news, inspirations, drawings, and photography, on my blog 

If you have 
any questions or you  want to proposed me some works in the design field, fell free to mail me at  info@patriciathomazo.com

♥ Patricia 

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