Friday, April 15, 2016

changes are good, changes are necessary as we never stop growing

preview of pop-a-porter wordpress site

I decided that it was time for a fresh new website, were everything that you need to know about pop-a-porter will be there, from a good 'about me' page to an updated portfolio, with professional pages for press & wholesale and of course a shop! Full with beautiful colourful works. 
A web-site that I will build myself!  Meaning for me, a web-site that I can updated myself and keep up te date. ( I got a lot of help for my current shop, even more help for my old web-site) and doing all the necessary updated is quite difficult technically, so I took the hard decision to switch to Wordpress and mastering it ! 
It already looks quite beautifull and I'm exited to show it to you (it is not online yet, don't try to find it ). Of course I'll let you know evewrything about it in time. 

The other big decision I took is to separate my jewellery work from my  my posts abouts my dutch way of life. 
 The new web-site will only be about my jewellery... 
But I'm already thinking about opening a new blog or use this one to talk about all the other things I love, like cooking, gardening, floral composition... of course I'll let you know as well. 
Changes are good, changes are necessary, because we never stop to grow. 

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