Wednesday, March 30, 2016

floral table arrangement

flower arrangement, flower bouquet
I hope that you had a nice easter week-end ! I did and enjoyed cooking nice things for a delicious colourful brunch  ( I will talk you about it in my next post ) but first a few picture of my floral arrangement. 

I usually compose 'big' bouquets of one type of flowers but this time, I wanted to add some spices, try something new and compose a flower arrangment with differents types of flowers. Being so inspired by all the beautiful bouquets that you can see on pinterest. Have a look to my pinterest floral board here. 

I took some flowers from my previous ranunculus bouquet, bought some craspedia (I will try to grow them in my garden this year since I found some seeds at the flower market) and some eucaliptus branch. I went in the garden for picking some fresh tulips and some muscaris.

 First in making theses arrangment, I added a pin flower flog ( see my previous post about it ) at the bottom of my beautiful ceramic cups from Lenneke Wispelwey
Starting with the bigest flowers, I pined the ranunculus first, then added the tulips. After that I created some hight with the eucalypstus branches and the caspedia flowers. I finished by filling the gasp with the muscaris. 

Spring is here, have you done your flowers seedings yet ? This year, I want to plant beautifull flowers to makes originals bouquets. Stay in touch.... 

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