Thursday, September 5, 2013

Behing the sceen # the hair pins

Nancy from Rare bird asked me to make some hair clips for baby's. 
I thought that it is the season of weddings, and I directed myself into chic little hair clips. 
I found this cute little grey flowers that I fixed on the clips. 

 I'm still researching the best packaging... 

While beeing in the shop where I buy my materials, 
I found more of this cute flowers, I though : 
Why make hair pins only for baby's?
 the moms ( or not) can also have some cute little hair pins 
to wear on weddings, 
I then made theses littles colourfull hair pins. 

thanks to my label pusher, 
I made the packaging cards, 
stamped them with my self made stamps 
4 holes and 'voila'  !
You can puschase theses pins at 
Rare Bird in Amsterdam 
*Marnixtraat 127, 
and  my web-shop  as well 

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