Friday, August 9, 2013

home made ice cream

Biking on the kinkerstraat ( in Amsterdam where I live),
 A colourfull book got my attention from the window book store. Ijslollly's from Sunil Vijayakar Here the english version

is now warm in Amsterdam and a fresh home made lolly pop will be perfect for the 4 o clock. In France, where I grew up,  you eat something sweet after school and I kept this habit...
I bought some simple ice lolly tray at the xenos and went right ayway to buy my ingrediant for some melon/ watermelon ice cream.

  If you're reading my blog, you must certainly  like nature, you may have heard about Jamie Oliver and you may have seen the 'Jamie Oliver food revolution' TV serie about precess food and food in the American schools. You know that process food is bad for you. Have a look there to this video about process ice cream

You now want to make your own ice cream or only eat the ones made by  from the Ben & jerry's . I choose to Start my ice cream making with seasonal fruits of course melon/ watermelon.

To make those you need:
● a puree of melon/ wartermelon ( my icelolly tray can contain 500 ml of puree )
● 100 ml of sugar sirop: in my book they says:

 for 200 ml of water  use 90 g of fine witesugar but I also like to make cocktails so I obviously  do have liquid sugar cane in my cupboard that I used instead.
If you don't have it then mix the 90 g of sugar in the 200 ml of water, bring it to soft boil until it is disolve.

pour the mix into your tray and  put it into your frizer for the night. you can keep it for 3 months, (if suddently the nice weather is gone )

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