Friday, February 8, 2013


I decided to create a new section call 'bouquet'
In holland, it is a tradition to have flower in your  house 
it make it 'gezellig'
( pleasent & welcomming) 

so here my last bouquet, 
that my aunt gave me yesterday for my birthday.
You can recognize (or discover) the wonderful flowers:
nuthan, prothea & waxflower.

all together in the beautifull vase from 


  1. Hello, do you have Facebook page or any other social network account? I would like to follow your work, but I'm not great follower of blogs :) Greetings from Arnhem, Martina

  2. hi Martina !
    yes you can follow me at
    it is true it is not alway easy to folow blogs, every blog has its system! I have google + ( I think :-) but I have to confess i'm not completly familiar with the system yet !