Monday, June 18, 2012

comfrey infusion

 you can find comfrey on sides of roads, 
(if you know what it looks like :-)

it is a good fertilizer and good against aphid
also to treat my cucomber plant 
that was attacked by a mushroom leaving yellow dry spots on the leaves

It is the first time I'm trying this comfrey infusion, 
normaly you need :
 1kg of plant for 10 l of water.
I don't need so much so I'll made it for 4 l 
( also my crafty pan could contain only 4 l )
so you need comfrey :
I advice to wear gloves, the leaves are hairy.

I boild the leaves for 20min and 
let it infused in the pot for 24 hours. 

then I will drain the mix to get the infusion and 
use  diluted to 1/20. 
spay on the plant as well as watering.

 Use rain water if you can .
I'll tell you later if it worked out good. 
on my zuchini plant just out on the balconny
I used the rest of the confrey as mulch:

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