Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The b-side exibition

Thanks to vanessa who found the splace, we were exibiting at:
Lauriergracht 160

the space was great, we shared it with 10 people ! 

at the entrance, 
a little shop with pieces from every groups, 
some affordable, easy to wear great pieces of jewellery.
Because we like to combine art jewellery with everyday jewellery! 


at the entrance on the left, 

then my space,
with a combination of the exibition I presented las year at Sierraad:
Follow the season

some fashion jewellery / acessories to pimp your outfit:
Beads & chain necklaces  
(also for sale at Young Designer United )

and of course my new jewellery, 
Colors of life

on the pots, follow the seasons, 
pieces inspired by the nature and the seasons, with of course my colorful twist !
for the autum, 
brooch buisson

 brooch leaves 

Bean earrings for the spring 
( a bean that start to germinate and grow)

Corn flower necklace for the summer

I'm still crazy about the laser cutting & ingraving !

Lelies earrings with a real flower, paper, paint, varnish & silver

on the table the new colection, 
Colours of life :
Some colors belong to some time periods in our life.
I see it like a circle from white to white. From a newborn white to pastel’s baby colors, going on the bright saturated colours, children love. The more you grow, the more tone you are familiar with, gray has come into your life. The values at the end turn’s up from dark to light, finishing on white, 
like a flower bouquet, that has dried. 
The circle is close.
For 'colors of life' , I present you abstract representations of life throught colors...

colors  necklace nr.1
wood, paper colors samples, glue, varnish, 
copper chain, black metal rings, silver closing
necklace nr.2 
wood, paint, varnish, 
black metal rings, copper chain, silver

wheel brooch, 
wood, paint, varnish, silver ,
from chilhood shape to your adult life, onto your senior time.

the new tetraedron necklaces ! :-)
porcelein, glaze and silver top & chain

the necklace on me !

the students from suissserland

Noémie Castillo, Alicia Rosselet, Cécile Guenat, Luisa Schwarz, Arnaud Zill, Aurore De Geer, regrouped under de collectif :

A⁶ collective


at last but not least,
some german influences with 


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