Thursday, December 16, 2010

new shops where to find my jewellery ! :-) ♥♥♥

I am proud to inform you about this 3 shops that are now selling some of my jewellerly...
in  Amsterdam 
overtoom 31,

Friday next is a great concept store, where you can find there a unique mix of furniture, fashion and food. 
there you can find some of my 
●Bulb earrings

SnowKristal brooch

Beads & chains necklaces:

and an oter one with green ruban, pink glas beads & black chain.


an other concept store in Amsterdam 
ijburglaan 354
also a great combination mix of design, fourniture, stationnary, fashion 
and jewellery ! 

you can find there my
●SnowKristal brooches
●Bulb Errings
●bean earrings
●ui earrings 
● beads earrings 
●Beads & chain necklaces:
● brooch gland & leaves:


in Studio Zand in Amesfoort
Coninckstraat 52

you can find there some of my
● SnowKristal brooches
●beads & chain necklaces.

have a great christmas shopping everybody ! 

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