Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the sieraad jewellery art fair! :-)

putting the pieces together is a piece of cake!

tadaa ! 

I separated my unique pieces inspired by nature under the thema 
* follow the seasons*

from the left : 
tetraedron, brooches gland, bulb earrings, brooch buisson


( winter inspiration, if you zoom in a snow kristal, you see the atom...)

 porcelein, silver and glaze, 
unique piece in a serie: 120 € each
send an email to: patriciathomazo@hotmail.com


brooches gland 
fall inspiration ( acorn )

gouache on carton,  varnish, felt, silver, copper.
unique pieces
110 € /  piece, send me an email to purchase.


bulb earrings
ok, ok this is a serie works but quite exentric to wear so I put them into the 'art jewellery section' and not to the *easy to wear* /series part

colored plexiglas cutted & engraved by laser, silver fastening
you can order them online on my web-shop 


brooch buisson
fall inspiration

screenprinted felt, copper, pin
unique piece, 300€


bean earrings. lelies earrings, corn flower necklace

engraved plexiglas, paint, screenprinted felt, tread, silver fastening.
available on my web-shop
spring inspiration (a bean starting to germinate )


lelies earrings
lelys flower, paper, paint, varnish, silver.
also in green and blue.weight around 10g
summer inspiration.

unique piece 75 € 
depending on the stock or on order .


corn flower
summer inspiration,
engraved& laser cutted painted plexiglas, 
felt (under the plexi), 
lether (at the back of the felt, as blue as the chain, yes, yes!)
chain, glas beads.

unique piece 400 €


tomorow I'll put the pictures of the 
*easy acces* series works


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  1. Wahou ! Tu as bien bossé Patricia !!!!!!! J'epsère que ce premier salon portera ses fruits !!!!!