Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The flowers are there now ! do you see the strawberry plant there, that grow back after a long winter with a lot of snow ... ?
even the compost pot give me nice flowers !
 I took this 'stok roos' after the summer and put it on the compost pot. now it has come back to life !

bees food ! we don't see so well but the salvia I prune at the end of the summer it now back with a nice shape !I also hoope to get some gaura from last year but I don't see anny leaves comming out, we'll see .

of course some 'jonquilles' don't know the word in english !

the new pots I bought last saturday with some already grown plants ! because bying some already grown plants feels like cheating, I keep one container to grow it my own . I sow californian pupys  ...

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